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Our bread has a long production process. Compared to baking bread using accelerated technology, it takes 10 times longer to make bread, which allows it to develop its taste and aroma. We use natural sourdough for the dough, and a cold chamber for proofing and fermentation. We use whole grain flour freshly ground in our own mill with stone millstones. This technology of grinding grain is considered to be gentle, it allows you to preserve all the beneficial properties, minerals, vitamins, protein and fiber of whole grains, as well as to avoid oxidation of whole grain flour. The most important processes - kneading (stretching), forming the dough - are done only by hand, with the special care and attention of our bakers. We bake the bread in a stone hearth oven, as close as possible to the old stone ovens. Our bread is primarily the result of manual labor, a product of time, sincere love for our work and care for our customers.

What is sourdough bread?

Sourdough is the most important ingredient in making our bread. It allows you to make the dough fermentation process as natural as possible and give a unique aroma and taste to bread. It is believed that such bread is more easily absorbed by the body and contains more valuable protein, vitamins and minerals. We do not use any artificial additives or special dry mixtures. Instead of adding improvers and preserving baked goods for a long time, we limited ourselves to a period of one day. Our bread preserves nutrients and thus preserves your health.

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